Can you please be responsible

These precious little babies are cute and I hope they all find homes.  But too many of my brothers and sisters never find homes.  They starve, die from disease, are injured and suffer before they die, or are euthanized.  Yes, all life is precious, but the reality is that too many cats and dogs live without a home and never have a chance at a life of quality. 

My mom hates to see homeless animals and makes the effort to find them a home.  She told me she would never allow an animal to starve. 

Come on people, can you please be responsible and get your animals spayed or neutered so my brothers and sisters don’t have to live that way.  I know because I was one of them.  I was homeless, very sick and near death when I was found.  I got lucky and was found by a wonderful, loving person; but because of the overpopulation of homeless animals, most of them aren’t as lucky as I was.

My mom says humans need to be more responsible.  Owee