This is Oscar!

He is a stray cat that showed up at my door about a year ago and I fed him.  once you feed a stray animal, they’re yours!  But Oscar is the most annoying animal I have ever met.  

Oscar has destroyed the screens around my house by scratching them.  He hangs on the window screens trying to get in.  He has scratched the front door and damaged it.  He meows constantly…even at night and wakes me up.  He is obsessed with eating and has gained too much weight.  He gets under my feet and has tripped me several times.  He gets in fights with my other cats because he doesn’t want them around!  My cats don’t like Oscar.  I could go on and on with all the annoying habits he has.

According to the Vet, Oscar is about 10 years old.  He is not handsome. He is not in the best of health.  And he once had a home but was likely abandoned (only heartless people do that!).   However…

Oscar loves me and he wants a home. 

When I let him in in the morning, he purrs and follows me around for awhile because he is so happy to see me and be in the house.  Then he eats…again!  When I leave, he will follow me to my car.  When I come home, he is waiting for me (my other cats don’t do that!).  When I am outside, he follows me around because he wants to be with me.

Oscar loves me and I can’t turn my back on that.  He just wants a home, and now he has one! 

I’m glad Oscar came into my life to remind me about real love.