My Story

ME, playing with the dog leash

ME, playing with the dog leash

My name is Owee.  I am a healthy, happy cat who lives with the best human Mommy in the world.  She  looovvvees me!

However, my life didn’t start out so happy.  For about a year I was homeless and very sick.  Fortunately, one fateful day I was walking through a parking lot when my Mommy’s daughter, taking a break from class, saw me and came over to pet me.  When she started walking back towards her class, I thought, “I like that lady” so decided to follow her.  Then she picked me up and put me in her car…just like that!  She called her Mom and  my soon-to-be Mommy came to rescue me from the lonely streets of homelessness.  I remember my Mommy saying to her daughter, “Okay, I’ll take him home but we have enough pets so we’re not keeping him!”  (wanna bet!).

My Mommy took me to her house and gave me food…wow!  I had so much food I couldn’t eat it all.  She made a bed for me and put me into a special room to sleep.  I thought life was heaven. The next day she took me to visit a man in a white coat who kept poking me with thermometers and needles….(I don’t like that man)!  Then he gave my Mommy something to stuff down my throat twice a day. I had a disease called pneumonia and I guess I was very near death when my Mommy’s daughter found me.  Anyway, many months later, lots of things being stuffed down my throat,  and numerous visits to the man in the white coat (I still don’t like him), and I am very healthy today. I look good…yeah!!

Best part is that my Mommy kept me!!  (I worked my magic on her).  Today I have my own home to live in instead of the street, I have a sofa (or anywhere ) to take naps on, I have two beds to sleep on (and I like the middle), I have my own tower (pictured with my brother), a sister who stays under the bed most of the day, another sister who meows constantly, and a big brother dog who is no match for me. 

LIFE IS GOOD!  Oh yeah, and we were all rescued.

I hope all my homeless brothers and sisters will someday find a home as good as I have. 

Here are some more pictures of me with my family.