Christian the Lion


Nature’s Beauty

Oh Nature!   What a difference you make in allowing me to enjoy all the beauty and reverence you offer Peaceful, reassuring, rejuvenating beauty The promise of tomorrow “May the sun bring you new… Continue reading

Worth Repeating


Must Love Animals

Never trust a person who doesn’t love animals  


It doesn’t get much better than family  

Enjoy Life

Just thought I’d remind everyone that life is meant to be fun and enjoyed We can’t be serious all the time


Laughter is good for the soul

Love Simply is Love

Love knows no species, no gender, no separation of any kind.   Love simply is love        

Make My Day

Just looking to see if I had a message from you today.  It always makes my day when I hear from you.

Animals Too

Animals always make me smile They love us no matter what mood we are in And they will be that way forever